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Is there any fee for signup process?

No, it is completely free to signup your account. You are eligible to get Startup Package FREE after verify your Business.

I have a number of packages in different destinations, Startup package is insufficient. What can I do?

More packages means more travelers support. You can upgrade your account to Business or Premium to uplift your package posting limitation. Write to [email protected] or call us at +880.2.8418213 for more details.

Who will manage / author my leads?

You! Only you will manage your leads. All leads will forward to your inbox and you can manage your bookings from Partner Account.

To get verified, what kind of papers I need to submit? I must have to business registration?

You need to signup here as a Business entity to operate tours. You may be individual but you have to have any Travel Certificate from any relevant authority. You must have a Phone number (we score high if it is landline), ID Card, Travel Certificate, Email address and Social Media page (with detail information and functional website).